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Released Earth Reader for Web 0.1.1

We released Earth Reader for Web 0.1.1: This version fixes several crawler bugs; added few commandline options.


Use pip to install or upgrade:

$ pip install EarthReader-Web==0 ...

Released Earth Reader for Web 0.1.0, and libearth 0.1.0


We are very pleased to announce our first two releases: Earth Reader for Web 0.1.0, and libearth 0.1.0! It provides the most of basic features including subscribing new feeds, unsubscribing feeds, categorizing subscriptions, crawling subscriptions, marking entries as read/unread/starred/unstarred, and synchronization between ...

Synchronizing data without losing control

Our goal is to achieve the following subgoals at the same time:

  1. The whole data should be controlled by the owner. It means data will be tangible and reachable on the file system.
  2. It should be possible to synchronize data between multiple devices, without any conflict between simultaneous updates.

Earth ...

Goal of Earth Reader

Earth Reader aims to decentralize feed reader ecosystem which had been highly centralized to Google Reader. Google Reader had changed the world of news readers, from desktop apps to web-based services.

However Google Reader shut down on July 1, 2013. Everyone panicked, several new feed reader services were born, users ...

The First Post

We started blogging

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