Posted on Tue 24 February 2015

Released Earth Reader for Web 0.3.0

We released Earth Reader for Web 0.3.0 with 0.1.2, and 0.2.2. It has these changes.


  • Run crawler thread by default.
  • Error code circular-refernce, which is a typo, was renamed to circular-reference.
  • Fixed auto scroll when entry has images.
  • Fixed a bug that raises BuildError.
  • Became to need libearth 0.3.1 or later.
  • Save theme setting.
  • "Go to top" button on bottom.
  • And a lot of changes (0.2.2).


  • Fixed a bug that enters a infinite loop when initialize
  • Fix open link.
  • And a lot of changes (0.1.2).


  • Entry list is cached by browser using Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since headers.
  • Fix malformed session id on multi process.
  • Fix error log when crawling.
  • Force MIME type "test/html" when not given.
  • Fix shortcut key.

You can install it using pip:

$ pip install EarthReader-Web==0.3.0
Jinwon and the Earth Reader team

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