Posted on Sun 22 December 2013

Released Earth Reader for Web 0.1.0, and libearth 0.1.0


We are very pleased to announce our first two releases: Earth Reader for Web 0.1.0, and libearth 0.1.0! It provides the most of basic features including subscribing new feeds, unsubscribing feeds, categorizing subscriptions, crawling subscriptions, marking entries as read/unread/starred/unstarred, and synchronization between multiple devices through Dropbox/Google Drive/rsync.

Earth Reader for Web is our first app. You can install it on your server to use it on web browsers including mobile browsers. See the release page on GitHub and PyPI:


Use pip to install it:

$ pip install EarthReader-Web==0.1.0

See more on how to install and use it:

Libearth is the shared common library for various Earth Reader apps. It supports Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, PyPy 2.0+, and IronPython 2.7.4+. Earth Reader for Web also depends on it. See the release page on GitHub and PyPI:


You can install it using pip as like Earth Reader for Web:

$ pip install libearth==0.1.0

See the docs for libearth:

The Earth Reader team and other contributors put many efforts into this. Thanks for Choi Bochul, Eunchong Yu, Jihyeok Seo, and Jinwon Kang. This is Hong Minhee.

Minhee and the Earth Reader team

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